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CUhlFood Platform Framework

CUhlFood stands behind good intent.

We personally cannot stand constant ads and believe that everyone should be able to use the internet freely without having their information constantly mined by each website they visit. This is why we've decided to build differently.


We've decided against Google Adwords and other invasive pay-per-click advertising and would like to be open and transparent about how we are funded.

Currently The founder is funding this content out of pocket. Our goal is to gain photography clients, gather donations and grow affiliate partnerships that will keep our content sustainable. We want to publish healthy ideas and create an unsponsored platform for our everyday and not-so-everyday experiences and relationships with food.

If you appreciate our content and have the ability to donate, we will be using all donations to pay for the costs of photography, time, research, outreach, and writing in order to continue to grow and expand CUhlFood into a platform with helpful information for everyone.


If you, or someone you know is in need of photography or a food photography designer, you can contact us today or head over to and book your free consultation online.

Thank you so much for your support!