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CUhlFood Wellness Corner

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This page is here to interactively share facts, tricks, tidbits and research about how you can improve your life by improving your relationship with food. 


I am not a nutritionist! I'm just your average adult, so this page has a lot of my own opinions and ideas and is not meant to be an official guide to any type of diet or wellness practices. Always take medical and dietary advice from the internet with a grain of salt and be sure to consult your physician if you're concerned about adding or taking away anything from your diet.  Everything I am sharing on this page has worked for me individually, but it may not work for you and is a very general overview of how I personally have been reshaping my perspective of food.


I am in process of building out this page, but here is an outline of all the content in the works. There will be lots of pictures, videos and links to relevant information...

Coming soon stay tuned....

Prep Table

Welcome to the CUhlFood Prep Table! Here we will be featuring articles, ideas, and videos about all the different ways you can prep the food you buy in turn learning how to develop habits that reduce the amount of food waste our households produce.