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CUhl Favorite - PDX Ice Cream - Cloud City Ice Cream

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Cloud City Ice Cream
Cloud City Ice Cream • Woodstock, OR

One thing I fully fell in love with when I came to Portland was it's uncanny offerings of uniquely flavored artisan ice creams. There's somehow a competitive market for companies to create flavors you never knew existed and rotate them seasonally. This produces flavors like Salt & Straw's famous Pear & Blue Cheese, Thai Rice from Fifty Licks, or even Vegan Strawberry Hibiscus from Eb & Bean.

Cloud City Ice Cream

I can't say I have tried all of Portland's ice cream offerings, but so far my all time favorite ice cream is (drumroll please) Cloud City Ice Cream nestled into the cute little neighborhood of Woodstock in south east Portland. It feels slightly similar to a Baskin Robins when you first walk in. There's a line of ice cream coolers that spans almost the whole way down the shop with a couple small tables lining the window.

Much like Salt & Straw there is always a line. It moves quickly and is well worth the wait. They have certain flavors that they keep around. They have a handful of seasonal flavors. They have goat cheese flavors, vegan flavors and a featured flavor that aligns to the current astrological sun sign. The Libra flavor was so good I had to buy a pint. All in all I think they have around 30 flavors. They offer free samples and custom waffle cones.

Vegan Ice Cream

The flavors at Cloud City Ice cream are so well balanced that they are unforgettable. They leave you with your mouth watering every time you think about it. They use local ingredients and you can taste how fresh it is. I have to admit that I can't really drive by Cloud City without stopping. It could almost be called addictive. It's family friendly and is located right in between Safeway and New Seasons markets. They will hand pack any flavor into a pint too so I often find myself passing the ice cream isle while grocery shopping and grabbing a pint from Cloud City instead.

If you have not yet gotten the opportunity to taste the delight created by Cloud City, then now is definitely the time. They have something for everyone and I guarantee you'll fall in love.

Cloud City Ice Cream


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1 Comment

Vanessa Basil
Vanessa Basil
May 25, 2020

What's the flavor featured in your photo? It looks good!

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