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I do miss the old, but the new is certainly stepping it up...

An informal review of My Vice Food & Spirits restaurant in Southeast Portland, OR

Earlier, during what we now have deemed "the before times" I had a go-to brunch spot almost hidden right off of Caesar Chavez. It was an adorably small, but delicious neighborhood spot for nutritious and tasty meals with creative and innovative beverages. I actually blogged about it back then because I was in love with their hangover cure; a beet juice based Bloody Mary.

When the pandemic hit, Trinket did not end up reopening. I have no idea what the story is, but I went there the other day and it had become My Vice Food & Spirits. It is very remnant of Trinket offering similar, fresh ingredient elevated breakfast dishes alongside an inventive and intriguing cocktail menu featuring tequila with cold brew and spices all the way through bright new summery gin cocktails and even a sangria riff.

One of my favorite parts of the current concept is that they stay open serving brunch until 4pm.

As a bartender and industry professional it's nice to be able to wake up in the afternoon after a long night shift and still be able to get breakfast. They did warn me that they might be shortening that soon, but I'm hoping the warm weather will make it worth staying open.

I went there again yesterday and they were hoppin' for the weekend. The first time I went there, I didn't even realize there was a back side to the menu. They have a decent amount of sides involving potato pancakes which genuinely made me happy because I grew up on them as a kid and rarely ever find them on restaurant menus.

I got the “Nest” salad that was a potato pancake topped with bacon strips then covered in arugula, a special sauce, pickled onions, and two perfectly poached eggs with a yummy house toast in the side.

It was delicious. It was definitely a light dish, not overly filling. I do think it would have benefited from a few more veggies, definitely some mushrooms but it was still fresh and delicious. The sauce tied the dish together. It was tangy but flavorful. Much like a seasoned hollandaise. What's not to like? It was good, but I can't wait to go back and try the sides that were potato pancake snacks named after the staff members that came up with them.

All in all the place was a delight. I am still a little bummed that Trinket didn't wind up making it through the pandemic, but I am very happy a comparable and just as cozy of a place came behind it. I would say it's fully worth checking out if you're in Southeast and looking for brunch.

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