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The Art of Food - Design

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

"You eat with your eyes first" This is undeniable. My love of food is driven by how beautiful it can be. When I feel like I can taste it before taking a bite I'm in love. I feel like the craft of food is appropriately defined by how it looks and ultimately how it is presented.

As a photographer I like to emphasize the beauty of food with composition and detail. I create unique compositions that feature the food in an enticing fashion. If your audience starts off by eating with their eyes, their mouth will be watering by the time they walked through your door.

I believe that success in the realm of food relies heavily on a small symphony played between the ingredients chosen, the mastery of the chef constructing it, the chemistry that the chef practices, the medley of flavors it produces, and finally the art of how it is presented.

When this fickle symphony is played, the possibilities are endless and the more fascinating it is, the more your audience is enthralled enough to "have to try it" the wider your audience grows.

My fascination is creating the image of the event and capturing the essence of this "have to have it" moment. I concentrate on the resting moment right between the completion of the construction of the dish and the sheer joy of the burst of flavors introduced by the first bite. I enjoy putting the hard earned labor of love we call cooking on display through a perfectly composed and properly exposed photo.

The possibilities are endless and I love creating scenes that make you hungry. Melodious colors, simple backgrounds, elevation, illusion, garnishes; these are all the details I focus on. Promotional food photography gives me a creative challenge that lets me bend the boundaries of the artistic nature of food and the result is awesome.

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